Junior Lawyers: attorney stage or compulsory elective stage

Legal training has begun placing increasing importance on the actual practice of the profession in recent years. Thorough knowledge will therefore not only ensure exam success, but will also make it easier to enter professional life.

If you are a junior lawyer and would like to experience the many facets of life as a lawyer in practice, please send us your application. Ideally you will have a special interest in general civil law and family law, but you should also be open to other legal fields. During your time with us, you will be introduced to all aspects of dealing with a case. You will also participate in client meetings, attend court appointments and learn how to draw up pleadings. I will discuss your drafts with you at the earliest opportunity.

Please send your application by e-mail to kontakt@riemann-kanzlei.de or by post to: Kanzlei Riemann, Stralauer Platz 34, 10243 Berlin, Germany.